Adobe Releases Patch for Creative Cloud Update Which Was Deleting Mac Files

adobeAdobe has just announced they are replacing a recent Adobe Creative Cloud software update because it was found to be deleting crucial files in Mac systems without user permission.

The bug was originally discovered by online data storage service, Backblaze. The company noticed that the Adobe Creative Cloud was removing user files after the update version was installed; more specifically, the bug deletes information stored in hidden root folders.

In a blog, then, Backblaze announced, “We’ve encountered an issue on the Mac where Adobe Creative Cloud (version appears to be removing the contents of the first hidden folder at the root of the drive, in alphabetic order. By happenstance, the first hidden folder on most Backblaze customer’s internal drive is the .bzvol folder.”

Of course, some personal users also came to find some files deleted after the update and were, likely, annoyed. Obviously, the hope is that you have a back of these files somewhere, or you may not be able to restore them. Still, Backblaze says, in a blog post, “If you do see an empty folder and have a local backup, or another backup system, you may be able to restore that data from them. If not, you may want to contact Adobe for any help on this issue.”

But while Backblaze stumbled upon this problem, they also note that their folder/files were not the only ones affected. They warn that this could happen with just about any file stored in a root directory. Of course, they just noticed it sooner than others might have because their folders would be at the front of the alphabetical sequence, as systematically affected by the update.

In a statement, Adobe said, “On the 12 Feb we were notified that some customers had an issue with an update to the Creative Cloud Desktop application. We removed the update from distribution and deployed a new one which addresses the issue.”

Adobe has already removed the update and offered a patch to fix the problem so users who have Adobe Creative Cloud but have not set the automatic update were probably not affected.

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