Airbnb Offering Free Housing to Those Barred from U.S. Flights

Brian Chesky, the CEO at Airbnb, is one of a number of technology leaders that have spoken out against the immigration order of President Donald Trump. Chesky announced that he is offering free housing to those people stranded due to the executive order.

Trump banned citizens from seven countries that are Muslim majority from entering the United States for a minimum of 90 days. Trump’s order also prevents the admission of any further refugees for four months and bans people who are fleeing the war in Syria for an indefinite period.

Chesky tweeted that not allowing refugees or countries into the U.S. was not right and everyone must stand with those affected.

In a post on Facebook, Chesky gave more details by saying the offer that gives free housing applies to the refugees or others who need it if they have been denied the ability to board a flight bound for the U.S. and are not in their country or city of residence.

The executive order by Trump left a large number of people, including refugees at airports across the globe. On Monday, Airbnb launched its own support page that allows people that want to help to list their own homes.

Under the help create a world where anyone can belong heading, Airbnb pledged it would link those needing accommodations with those providing housing or it would subsidize the cost if there was no available free housing.

The goal for Airbnb is providing housing for the short term to those impacted by the president’s order, said a company spokesperson. Many hosts on Airbnb offered their help.

Airbnb has a housing network in 191 countries and is known for helping victims of many natural disasters of which the most recent came following Chile wildfires and the earthquakes that hit Italy.

Leaders around the world are opening doors to those that were affected by Trump’s ban. Justin Trudeau the Prime Minister of Canada tweeted that those who were fleeing terror, persecution and war would be welcomed by Canadians regardless of faith. He added that diversity was Canada’s strength.

The order by Trump will also require a review into the possible suspension of the Visa Interview Waiver Program that allows travelers arriving from 38 nations, including close U.S. allies to renew travel authorizations without the need of an interview in person.

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