Alleged Incident Being Investigated by American Airlines

American Airlines has opened its own investigation after a video had surfaced Friday night on social media that showed a very intense confrontation amongst members of the flight crew and passengers during a flight of one of its aircraft.

The video, which was uploaded by Surain Adyanthaya on Facebook, has a woman, who is crying with a baby in her arms in the front part of the plane preparing to fly to Dallas-Ft. Worth from San Francisco.

The incident according to the post by Adyanthaya allegedly began after one of the flight attendants allegedly took away a stroller in a violent manner from a female passenger and her baby and hitting her and nearly striking the baby.

During the video, another passenger, who apparently had been upset with how the stroller situation had been handled, approaches the front part of the plane.

He asks for the name of the flight attendant and then return to his assigned seat.

Other passengers on onboard were able to be faintly heard during talks about the situation, with one appearing to explain to crew members that their flight attendant grabbed the stroller the women had.

Near the end of the video, the earlier male passenger returned to take part in the situation, and is apparently yelling at the same flight attendant who allegedly took a strolling forcibly. It appears the passenger is agitated with a gesture at the passenger, replying you remain out of this.

The male passenger then stands up and approaches, with each of the men making gestures and speaking, but without actually any blows taking place. The captain appeared to have put his hand on the chest of the flight attendant.

Another of the flight attendants on board could be heard attempting to calm both the agitated attendant and angry passenger. Through all the commotion, the woman was crying.

Adyanthaya followed up his original post with another one that stated American Airlines had in-voluntarily escorted the mother and kids off their flight and allowed the flight attendant to return.

Eventually the flight took off then landed in Dallas.

Following the video going viral, the airline condemned what had taken place and made a promise to open a new investigation.

This intense incident comes just after an incident sparked a firestorm over a United Airlines passenger. The man had been dragged from his seat.

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