American Express Giving New Parents Paid Leave of 5 Months

American Express has put family first through increasing the time it gives paid parental leave to five months and by adding other perks that are family friendly. American Express has announced that starting on January 1, both full- and part-time employees, including male and female, will be eligible for up to 20 weeks of fully paid parental leave when they are welcoming a baby via birth, surrogacy or adoption. In addition, mothers giving birth will be allowed another 6 to 8 weeks of leave that is also paid. Adidas Pas Cher That is a very big increase over the current policy of parental leave at the company that is 6 weeks of leave that is paid for the primary caregiver along with another 6 to 8 weeks for the birth mother for any medical purposes. nike air max goedkoop The secondary caregivers were allowed 2 weeks paid leave. The company will also increase other benefits related to the family beginning January 1. new balance 530 homme soldes The company will reimburse its workers as much as $35,000 for the costs related to surrogacy or adoption. The benefit is able to be used up to twice per employee. American Express is offering employees as much as a $35,000 lifetime maximum amount to help cover the costs of fertility and reproductive treatments. new balance 996 femme soldes The company is offering its workers who are breastfeeding mothers, free access 24 hours a day to a lactation consultant who is board certified. nike air max 2017 pas cher American Express is also going to provide free shipping of breast milk for moms who are nursing if they are away on company related business. In its effort to aid expectant and/or new parents in navigating the world of parental leave and to understand what the resources are available to each of them, the company is committed to supplying a parent concierge to its workers. American Express said that expanding its policies that are family related shows the company was committed to its employees and offers a culture that supports all its employees. Only 12% of workers in the U.S. have a family leave plan that is paid through employers. The U.S.

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