Apologised profusely for my actions and asked very nicely if

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Bags Chloe Replica The only signing that is required in law for a speeding offence to be valid is that the speed limit of the road must be properly signed. Apologised profusely for my actions and asked very nicely if there was any other way of sorting this out without it going to court.I received a letter back saying that the police are not after convictions, all they want is to see people driving responsibly and a decrease in accidents. They would overlook the incident this time.I belive holding your hands up and accepting responsibility is the best policy, if you start pulling back against the system you are showing no remorse and that is where the problem lies, if the only way to get you to show that remorse and accept what you did is wrong is to go to court, then they will go to court.I got caught speeding Chloe Replica, 36 ish going up Twentywell Lane, shortly after I read an article in the local newsletter about an old lady who lived on the road getting knocked over and promised myself I would be very careful up and down that road in future.Sure enough last night I looked in my rearview mirror and I had gone past a speedtrap in the same place (difficult to see them on that windy road as you are concentrating so much on staying in your own lane) I glanced at my speedo and I was driving spot on 30mph Bags Chloe Replica.

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