Apple Offering Student Membership for Apple Music with Discount

Apple will introduce on Friday a student plan for Apple Music that will discount the music streaming service 50% for those enrolled in a college or university that is eligible.

This new Apple Music plan will mean that any academic student in the U.S. will be eligible for an individual membership on Apple Music for only $4.99 per month, instead of the standard subscription price of $9.99 per month.

Students in the U.S. will not be the only benefactors of this new plan, as this plan will be open to students win Australia, New Zealand, Ireland, Denmark Germany and the UK.

The cost for membership is expected to vary just slightly from one country to the next, but all the markets will see a discount of 50% from the standard subscription price.

The discount for students is being offered for as many as four continuous or non-continuous years following sign-up, so that students can take breaks or space out their time between semesters and still be eligible to sign up once they have returned to their studies.

In addition, the plan will be open to all students of any age and regardless of the degree, they are studying.

The new membership plan will be available starting Friday May 6 to both existing and new subscribers, said Apple Music.

Students may change their existing membership or sign up online, or they can use the mobile Apple Music app. Apple will use UNiDAY, the student verification technology, to ensure those who have signed up as being students are in fact enrolled in the institution they said and taking part in classes.

News of this special plan for students comes just two days after being reported that Apple was going to overhaul its music streaming service that is just a year old to make more user friendly.

The company will redesign its user interface, to make it bolder, but simpler, with a big emphasis on the background that is black and white and the text along with focusing on the album art.

The tab “new” is to be replaced with the option “browse” and the site will have better tools for organizing music, finding content and users will be encouraged by Apple to use its simplified section, “for you.”

The new app for Apple Music will debut reportedly at WWDC iniOS 10, as well as introduced through an update on iTunes on Mac.

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