California Increases Job Count by 63,000 During August

In August, employers across California quieted the lingering doubts over the economy in the state. Private employers hiring increases helped to absorb the large number of new people seeking jobs.

The employers in California added 63,100 jobs during the month and the rate of unemployment remained steady at 5.5% showed data the state released Friday.

Across the country during August, employers had 151,000 new jobs, which means California represented 42% of the total new jobs added in the U.S. during August.

These numbers were astounding said an attorney in San Francisco adding that each time there is a worry of job growth slowing down, the numbers show it is continuing.

The new report brought good news to the state following two straight months that the unemployment rate has increase from May’s 5.2% to July’s 5.5%.

Since August of 2015, the state increased its payrolls by more than 378,000 workers, which represented a gain of 2.3%.

Despite new mandates for paid leave, an increasing minimum wage and strict regulations pertaining to the environment, California was able to manage to expand faster than the remainder of the country for a number of months.

In the city of Los Angeles, the unemployment rate increased from July’s 4.8% to a current 4.9%. The county added more than 20,000 new jobs during August, for a gain annually of more than 73,900 jobs. Sound recording and motion picture registered the biggest gains of all with new jobs totaling 5,500 in that sector.

The strongest industries in California were professional services, trade, government, utilities and transportation, which when added together, totaled gains in hiring of 51,300.

Manufacturing, which has long been the bulwark of the economy in California, shrank during August as 3,400 nets cuts were made in jobs. Since the 2009 recession, manufacturers in the state have added jobs at a 2.5% rate.

The country overall has seen the same sector expand twice that amount.

The loss of jobs in factories is harsh for the poorer regions of the state such as the Inland Empire, which depend on more jobs in the blue collar sector.

In Riverside and San Bernardino counties, August unemployment rates were higher than 6%. Imperial County had a 23% unemployment rate, which is the state’s highest.

Even though jobs are increasing, they remain highly competitive in California.

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