Crews on Korean Air Will Use Additional Force on Unruly Passengers

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Korean Air announced that its guideline for its crewmembers related to reacting actively and firmly against violence during flight is to be revised, after it faced criticism for the way it handled an incident on board a flight recently.

Last week, Richard Marx a singer from the United State said he intervened in an attempt to help crewmembers restrain a passenger who had become disruptive on a flight to Seoul from Hanoi on Korean Air.

Marx in an interview with the media said that the Korean Air crew was ill equipped and ill trained.

The airline said it would review its use Taser guns in flights.

A prepared statement by the airline said that it would react more actively and firmly against violence in-flight that threatens the safety of those on board and the flight itself.

Part of the overall changes, said the airline, would be the providing of additional training for crewmembers and the hiring of more flight attendants that are male, while making sure a minimum of one male flight attendant is working the cabin for every flight, according to an international news agency.

Daisy Fuentes, who is Marx’s wife, was traveling with him and said that the Korean Air crew did not know the correct way to secure ropes or use the taser gun.

A Taser gun is one brand name that is often used when referring to an electric stun gun.

The airline said that it has decided to improve its overall conditions and its procedure on using the Taser guns in a way to better cope with the disturbance and violent acts on board in a faster and more efficient manner.

However, the statement did not expand on how the rules on board would be changing.

Korean Air said under its existing rules, stun games are permitted for use just during grave situations in which the safety of the overall flight or the life of the passengers and crew are in danger.

The carriers said that is why the staff might have been hesitant in using the Taser for the incident that involved Mr. Marx.

All airlines on an individual basis have policies related to what equipment they have on board to restrain any unruly passengers.

Carriers usually will not give any details as to what they have on board due to it possibly causing security problems.

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