Former Cuban Leader Fidel Castro Dies

Fidel Castro came onto the world scene back in 1959 when he overthrew the Cuban government and ruled for over a half a century while at the same time, the United States had 11 presidents.

Castro, who had been suffering a number of undisclosed ailments, died on Friday announced his brother, the current President of Cuba Raul Castro.

Fidel was known by many as the guerrilla prince and when he came onto the scene made millions across Cuba and the world happy with promises of social justice, economic progress and democracy.

However, early on in his reign, Castro forged a stance that was anti-Washington while allying with the likes of the Soviet Union while supporting other guerrilla movements in Latin America and Africa.

Castro formally resigned as Cuba’s president in 2008 and handed over power to Raul his younger brother.

Castro, during his reign, gave citizens free housing, education and healthcare, while making it making free speech illegal, jailing his dissidents and banning fair elections.

His skill at world politics was impressive, but he embraced an ideology that in the end failed. He overthrew a dictator during 1959 only to become the longest-ruling Latin American one for 49 years.

His goal was to free Cuba of the dependence it had on sugar cane and make the country wealthy, only to make it bankrupt and dependent upon in the beginning the Soviet Union and then on Venezuela.

In 2008, when he stepped down, many hoped his more pragmatic brother would quickly start overhauls both politically and economically to ease the country into the world economy and to introduce a system that was more democratic.

Raul has taken a few steps, albeit hesitant, toward that direction, but his brother soon became a loud voice against the U.S., while frequently predicting nuclear war.

In 2014, when President Obama entered into an agreement with Cuba to restore all diplomatic relations, the economic outlook was brightened.

Since then, Obama has loosened many curbs on trade by Americans with Cuba as well as traveling to the Caribbean Island nation though a complete lifting of the economic embargo remains in the hands of Congress.

However, now that Donald Trump has been elected president, it appears the prospect of better ties both politically and economically between the two will be difficult.

Many hope and believe that with Fidel dead, Raul will make quick moves towards a number of reforms.

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