Google Makes Podcasts Available on Android Devices With Podcast Option in Google Play Music

Google Makes PodcastsIf you are a fan of the Android mobile operating system from Google, then you are familiar with Google’s Android-based media apps.  Of course, this includes Google Play Books, Google Play Movies, Google Play Games, and Google Play Music.

Google Play Music is the Android version of Apple’s iTunes, although, it has not quite been able to garner as much of a following despite the consistent growth the Android mobile platform has been experiencing. Or, rather, Google Play Music does not seem to be as beloved as Apple’s counterpart. Perhaps this may be due to the fact that iTunes was among the first digital music platforms and so the market is simply desensitized, now, to the different ways to listen to music in the mp3 (et al) format.

Apple’s iTunes may also simply be a superior system to Android’s outing.

In addition, though, Apple has long been able to stream podcasts through iTunes. This is a market which has been growing rapidly over the past decade.  Comedians are able to produce their own shows.  Critics are able to produce their own reviews.  Podcasts are, after all, a phenomenal way to connect the voice of a niche market with people in that movement.

And now, Google Play Music has finally caught up with the trend.  Yes, Google has just announced that Google Play Music will finally be able to stream podcasts, starting this month.  This means that fans of the Android operating system will be able to stay in tune with the rest of their fandoms—via streaming audio—without having to change devices.

The Google Play Music podcast section will look and work much like the other sections in this app.  Podcast shows are arranged in an interface featuring cards with artwork and details.  Selecting through the menu you can control which episode you play, subscribe to the show, and more.  Should you choose to subscribe to a show, the Google Play Music app will then ask if you would to automatically download the five most recent podcast episodes to your device and if you would like to receive notifications when the post new material.

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