NVIDIA Stock Drops 7% on Warning by Short-Seller

On Wednesday, following the caution released by a short-seller that NVIDIA, that the video games chipmaker is facing stiff competition and might not be able to maintain its financial results that made it one of the top financial market upstarts in 2016, its stock plummeted The company, based in Santa Clara, California saw its stock end its Wednesday trading day down $8.05 to end at $109.25. Cheap Fjallraven Kanken No.2 Through the market close on Tuesday, NVIDIA shares were up more than 250% for 2016, making the stock a top performer for the year on the S&P 500. nike blazer pas cher However, the company’s nosedive after the newsletter Citron Research written by Andrew Left a noted activist short seller tweeted a warning the stock price in 2017 would be heading back toward $90. shirt-tshirt Left was amongst company investors who during 2015 questioned the drug pricing and distribution policies for Valeant Pharmaceuticals International that led to a huge drop in the shares of the Canada-based company. A NVIDIA spokesperson said that the company declined to make a comment on the newsletter’s prediction. Scarpe Nike Italia Store Supporting the bearish forecast that the newsletter contained, a note with a tweet by Citron Research listed six risks that shareholders of NVIDIA have not taken into consideration. nike air max 2016 goedkoop At the top of the list was the contention a great deal of the growth experienced by NVIDIA had come from the gaming industry and at Advanced Micro Devices expense, a tech rival of NVIDIA, as opposed to any new addressable markets. Nike Air Max 90 Heren In addition, the note cited that there was significant competition from existing as well as emerging players in the industry, including AMD and Intel the chipmaker giant, along with existing customers of NVIDIA such as Apple and Google. As Intel enters into the fray sometime during the middle of 2017, the competition should create a substantial impact on the gross margins of NVIDIA. The note ended by saying, “Cautious Investing to All.” However, NVIDIA has helped to protect itself by taking the necessary steps to grow its business through moving into the rapidly expanding area of virtual reality, which besides being fast growing is a new tech frontier that will soon become mainstream.

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