O’Reilly Factor Show Loses Two Advertisers

A car company spokesperson has called the allegation against Mr. O’Reilly disturbing. The Mercedes-Benz corporate communications manager said that the company had advertising on the show, as they run on the major cable news programs, but it was reassigned during the ongoing controversy.

The allegations against him are disturbing and due to how important women are in all aspects of the business, Mercedes-Benz does not feel the environment is a good one to advertise its products at this time, added the communications manager.

Hyundai, another automaker, has also decided to take action. On Tuesday, the company said while it did not currently have advertising running on the show, it would reallocate its upcoming spots because of the allegations.

It was not clear if more companies would follow the lead taken by Mercedes-Benz.

The controversy came from an article that ran during the weekend in the New York Times that said a combined $13 million in settlements were paid to five women who had accused the host Bill O’Reilly of inappropriate behavior.

Certified Financial Planner Board of Standards said that it did not have a sponsorship or partnership with Fox when asked about is advertising.

Nutrish a brand of dog food did not comment saying it does not speak about is media buys.

Bill O’Reilly is the most watched cable news host. His program that runs nightly reportedly generated more than $446 million in ad revenue from 2014 to 2016.

He is also a best-selling author that has had books adapted for television. He is considered a juggernaut of multi-media, an important asset for Fox and sponsors.

For the fourteenth consecutive year The O’Reilly Factor was the No. 1 show for cable news.

It also just completed its highest ever rated quarter breaking records for cable news with four million viewers per night during the quarter ending March 31 of 2017.

He has had similar success in publishing where he established himself as one of the world’s most successful authors of non-fiction.

The publisher for O’Reilly, Henry Holt & Co. said in 2016 that his Killing books, a series of blockbusters that look at the attempted assassinations or deaths of different figures including Jesus and JFK, has sold over 14.5 million copies.

Some of his Killing books were adapted into films made for television by National Geographic. The adaption in 2015 of Killing Jesus set records for ratings on National Geographic.

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