Pebble Time Gets New Update, With New Watch Faces And More

Pebble TimeThe Pebble line of smartwatch has long been one of the industry standards, setting the bar for an industry that was hardly popular when the company first launched their fitness trackers. But they stuck to their guns, so to speak, and continued to craft their brand, improving little things at every turn. And while they have been working mostly on the core mechanics of their basic fitness tracker, their newest installment will also come with a face lift.

When the software update for the new Pebble Time watch launches on February 3, one of the first thing fans will notice is that the watch face will provide a quick look at health stats. Before, of course, users would need to dig through the menu a few layers. This is no longer necessary; which is, as you might expect, supposed to be the point of a fitness tracker: to have access to the information quickly, at the flick of your wrist.

According to the folks at Pebble, at least one face is now available (since February 3) and more will be available. Future upgrades will provide even more readings like step counts and other trackers to be available on screen.

Of course, new health statistics are more attractive than the face alone and more upgrades are coming. Obviously, the Pebble Health device already tracks sleep patterns and steps taken automatically, but it will soon have more options too. Things like a heart rate tracker will soon become available, as well as the addition of more controls to help users customize the device to their personal preferences.

The Pebble Health 3.9 firmware update will also add iOS support which allows users to respond to received messages from any iOS device, a feature that is, of course, already available for Apple Watch customers.

If you are looking for a new device—or maybe have just been waiting for the right time to get into the trend—Pebble is currently running a Valentine’s special. The offer includes two Pebble Time watches for $359.99. This is a nearly 30% price reduction from the original retail price of $499. As you might expect, the devices are available in a wide variety of colors.

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