President of McDonald’s USA Retiring

On Wednesday, McDonald’s announced that Mike Andres its U.S. President is retiring. The fast-food chain also announced that Chris Kempczinski a current executive within the company would succeed Andres effective January 1, 2017.

Andres, who is 58, is a veteran of 30 years with the chain and amongst the leading architects of the makeover of McDonald’s the last year, as the hamburger giant attempted to maintain pace with shifting tastes of consumers toward fares that was fresher and healthier.

Kempczinski, who is 47, joined McDonald’s only last year from Kraft. He is the current executive vice president of strategy, innovations and business development.

McDonald’s announced that he will become its fourth U.S. president since November of 2012.

Chief Executive Officer Steve Easterbrook said that the company thanks Mike for all his contributions, it is confident that Chris is the leader the company needs to build upon the progress that has been made in the U.S. and bring a higher level of excitement and convenience to our overall restaurant experience.

McDonald’s moved to simplify the ingredients in its products and satisfy customers who are becoming more conscientious of what they consume.

Most recently, McDonald’s said it was replacing the high-fructose corn syrup it has in sandwich buns with just sugar.

The company unveiled new plans to launch Chicken McNuggets and some items on its breakfast menu that do not have artificial ingredients.

Since he took over as CEO Easterbrook has pushed the hamburger chain to improve the familiar products it already offers. The company also increased its stalled sales through offering breakfast all day beginning last October.

Even though McDonald’s has had four straight quarters of sales increases, at stores open 13 months or more, during its most recent quarter analysts expectations were not reached.

This is change is the second major one in the organization announced in August by McDonalds. Earlier in the month, the company announced that CAO Pete Benson was retiring as of September 2 after serving 20 years with the company.

Just yesterday, the company also made a couple of more moves at the executive level. Doug Goare the president of international markets will now be the chief restaurant officer with additional duties that were overseen previously by the retiring Bensen.

Lucy Brady will shift into the role held previously by Kempczinski.

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