Problems with Sudden Shutdown by iPhone Expands

Apple has announced that it will include in its iOS 10.2 update next week, some diagnostic tools as it attempts to figure out the sudden shutdown cause. On Tuesday, Apple made an acknowledgement that the problem with the sudden shutdown with its iPhone 6S is broader than it first believed and that is why it will include the diagnostic tools in the upcoming iOS update as a way to collect additional information on why certain phones all of a sudden shut down. As with the admission initially, the company made its posted on the website of Apple for China in both English and Chinese. Apple did not repeat its disclosure on its site in the U.S. nike tn noir Apple’s most recent missive signaled the tech giant based in Cupertino, California did not know why certain iPhone 6S smartphones were turning off by themselves even though the indicator for the battery showed there was a least a third if not more of a charge remaining. Late in November, Apple confirmed some of its iPhone 6S handsets had been turning off suddenly without any warning. At that time, Apple said the problem had been limited to just devices that were made during September and October of 2015, which was early but not likely the initial production runs for that model. nike air max 2017 goedkoop At the same time, it announced a worldwide program for battery replacement for customers who were eligible. Fjallraven Kanken No.2 This week, Apple cited again the battery as being the root cause of the problem. Sac Kanken Pas Cher In a post, like the one December 1, Apple stated that a small amount of its iPhone 6S handsets, contained a battery that was exposed to the ambient air longer than what it should be exposed prior to its assembly into the battery packs. sac fjallraven kanken However, clients who have the iPhone 6S phones that are not within the serial number range not putting them in the production time of between September and October of 2015 have also experienced their phones shutting down unexpectedly, said Apple on Thursday. The update mentioned by Apple will almost certainly be its iOS 10.2 that had been in the beta stage and refreshed on seven occasions, with the most recently Wednesday, since November 1. nike chaussures Apple has received criticism from the CCA or China Consumer Association, which is a watchdog that has ties to the central government, since the middle of November over the shutdown problems of the 6 and 6S smartphones.

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