Sports Knowledge, Artificial Intelligence Necessary for New Apple Job Opening

Apple-Tim-CookApple Inc has been quickly pressing onward with new momentum towards the future. And the future we can expect is the proficiency of the “Internet of Things.” This a term which describes how all technology will be connected, networked, in the future; the very near future.

As such, Apple continues to unveil new developments and acquisitions. For example, the technology company bought Beats (by Dre) last year to capture the high end headphones market (in order to help improve their digital music division). Then in September they unveiled their latest version of Apple TV. Finally, this week, Apple and Sonos their partnership in uniting the popular Sonos home sound system with Apple Music.

But this week, Apple has also announced they are on the hunt for new employees. The tech giant published four job posting which seem to make it pretty obvious their intention to improve the mobile digital assistant Siri, particularly when it comes to the subject of sports.
According to Apple’s job posting, “The Siri team is looking for someone with a combination of strong technical skills, a desire to build exceptional customer features and a deep love of sports,. We’re looking for the right person who can collaborate with other engineers in several technical areas to help build Siri’s knowledge of all things sports related. You should be able to thrive in a fast-paced environment with rapidly changing priorities, have a thirst for new technology and believe that managing your Fantasy Football team is as important as managing your 401(k).”

Apple is commonly known for making very smart and strategic moves so while this inquiry might appear to come out of left field—pun intended—it might just be the breakthrough in an entirely untapped market. Professional [and collegiate] sports are big industries in this country and probably an exceptionable number of sports fans all over America probably also carry an iPhone in the pocket or purse.

Of course, this is a beautiful job opening for a sports lover, but Apple wants to make sure to remind that experience in Artificial Intelligence is a requirement for the gig, as is the case with many of Apple’s job openings (when they have them).

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