James Acosta, Editor

Hailing from Jacksonville, FL, our editor has more than two decades in web writing and journalism under his belt. More than the overseer to the site, he also occasionally contributes to the technology section.

Fatima L. Albero

A graduate of the University of Puget Sound, Fatima now lives only a few miles away, in Bonney Lake, WA. She studied health sciences, so we are pleased to have her on our team to tackle the wide variety of subjects in this field.

Petrov Anderson

Studying biological sciences at Exeter, Petrov eventually moved to Connecticut where he teaches high school earth science and biology. Of course, he also contributes both science and education stories with our site between classes.

Jennifer Darzi

Our assistant editor also happens to be an expert in technology. She studied at Caltech and now lives in Santa Margarita, CA. Her favorite topics include medical tech and IoT.

Samara Adessi

Samara grew up in an entrepreneurial household, with immigrant parents who opened a small store in Los Angeles, CA. With his street smarts—and education from Widener—his contributions to our business sector is priceless.

Fredrick Alvey

Fredrick attended Pace University and now manages our finance and money departments. Having made a few solid investments in his time, he now breeds horses just outside Phoenix, AZ where he lives with his wife, son, and their two dogs.