Stolen Data from Yahoo Had Information of Government Employees

Over 150,000 U.S. military and government employees were amongst the victims of the newly disclosed Yahoo data breach.

Data for the group that was breached included names, telephone numbers, passwords, security questions, back up emails and birth dates and is now in cybercriminals hands.

The leak could allow different foreign intelligence services a way to identify the government employees and to hack into their work and personal accounts, which could create a national security risk.

The employees hand over official government accounts to Yahoo as way of not risking being locked out of emails.

The accounts related to the government belong to former and current staff at the White House, members of Congress and their many aides, agents with the FBI, National Security Agency officials, officials at the CIA and the different military branches.

On Wednesday, it was revealed by Yahoo that the company had suffered a second large breach of its different systems, following a disclosure in September of a hack that was widespread.

The new announcement of a breach, which took place during 2013, affected more than 1 billion users and the data of government employees is likely amongst that cache.

The previous hack that was disclosed during September, took place during 2014 and Yahoo said that it threatened more than 500 million users.

The information related to government employees was announced by Andrew Komarov a researcher of cyber security who discovered a database that had been stolen of Yahoo information involving hundreds of millions of user accounts and handed it to the government.

The government then alerted Yahoo to the breach. No comment was made by Yahoo related to the government employee data that was allegedly stolen.

Former officials in intelligence said the breach of worker data for government employees could make it easier for foreign spies to work, creating a hit list of different targets to hack.

A former NSA director said the agency worked diligently to keep the names of workers at the NSA as quiet and unknown as possible.

Gaining an access to personal accounts, even ones that are unofficial can be highly valuable. In March, the campaign chief for Hillary Clinton John Podesta had his account hacked on Gmail revealing more than one decade of communication and fueling a number of repeated attacks on Clinton during the crucial last weeks of her campaign.

This newly announced hack on Yahoo and the revelations about government employee data that was stolen complete further the attempts of Yahoo to sell its internet asses for $4.8 billion to Verizon.

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