Time Warner Cable to Become Charter on Wednesday

On Wednesday, Charter will officially take over control of Time Warner Cable as well as Bright House, a smaller cable operator in a mega merger deal of $65 billion.

Many consumers are likely wondering how this will affect them and the products they receive. Simply put, no big changes will take place in the short term.

However, gradually over the upcoming months, Charter is going to strip away the names of TWC and Bright House and introduce customers to its own brand.

This will mean that the name of TWC, which has been maligned but nevertheless a piece of history in cable television, will fade away.

Charter’s broadband and cable TV services are known as Spectrum.

A spokesperson for Charter said that as the market goes all digital, it will launch its Spectrum products, pricing as well as packaging, and launch Spectrum into the markets where TWC and Bright House have gone digital already.

TWC was criticized often for customer service, but Charter has a history of higher marks in that category, though as a whole the industry is not that popular amongst its customers.

The merger first was announced nearly one year ago, but did not receive final approval until last week from the Public Utilities Commission of California. Therefore, on Wednesday the deal will take effect officially.

Charter will now be one of the largest providers of television in the U.S. along with Comcast, Verizon and AT&T.

Advocates of public interest have some doubts as to whether the merger will do much to help the consumer. However, Charter says it is going to offer far superior products at very competitive prices.

Rob Marcus the outgoing CEO of Time Warner Cable sent an email this week to say good bye to his employees.

He said the future for most of the employees joining Charter was extremely bright. Some other TWC employees, of which, most are in management, will exit as well due to this merger.

A spokesperson from Charter added that the company would be bringing back some call center jobs from overseas that were owned by Time Warner Cable.

Time will tell how the merger will affect prices, customer service and programming. Today more and more younger customers are choosing to cut the cord and find streaming packages online so they can choose their content instead of having cable TV packages loaded with stations and networks they are not interested in paying for.

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