Waze Launches Feature to Avoid Difficult Intersections

As technology involving GPS’ is becoming more and more advanced, developers are introducing novel ways of making roadways safer.

Waze recently introduced a new feature that aids drivers in avoiding difficult intersections. A spokesperson for Waze said to avoid stressful situations driving, its users now have the feature that takes them away from entering intersections that are chaotic.

The new featured was introduced for drivers in Los Angeles. The Waze spokesperson said the feature is the most recent attempt by the app to provide today’s drivers with a more convenient and safer driving experience. Waze already informs its users about traffic problems through real time warnings that other drivers provide.

The app helps drivers know if they should switch lanes, warns them of where there are construction zones and shares their location with friends and family. Though the apps and other traffic technology are useful, they have their negatives as well.

Navigation systems, as per a recent study, make drivers less attentive of possible dangers.

Waze steers people away from slow streets towards side streets that are quicker, but avoiding main roads that are traffic choked is almost impossible, so sometimes apps give drivers suggestions of making left hand turns across traffic that is stressful if not dangerous.

However, with the addition to the app that started last Friday, drivers will be steered away from such stressful intersections although it might mean the commute for some people is longer than usual.

The first sets of changes for Los Angeles drivers shows that the app points people away from making left turns on business streets such as Pico Boulevard or Selby Avenue and avoids places such as Melrose Avenue or West Knoll Drive.

The new Waze feature bypasses those difficult intersections whenever possible for a safer and less stressful commute. The app will calculate automatically the best overall route that also will bypass the stressful intersections.

However, when the new routes are substantially longer, the app might still route the driver through the more difficult intersections.

The overall goal of this new feature says Waze is to reduce the number of difficult intersections but not eliminate them completely.

However, prior to shutting Waze off if you really do want to take the more difficult routes, the feature can be shut off by going to the settings page and locating, “Difficult Intersections.”

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