Alibaba Program Helps U.S. Companies Sell to Chinese

When executive chairman Jack Ma, of the e-commerce behemoth Alibaba met in January with the then President-elect Donald Trump, he promised the platform would give over 1 million small businesses windows 10 key Online in the U.S. entry into the Chinese market. Ma is scheduled to announce on Tuesday the launching of a new program that makes good on his promise. In Detroit, a conference will be held June 20 and 21 that will teach businesses in the U.S. Asics Gel Lyte 5 Pas Cher how they can sell to the more than 443 million clients of Alibaba in China. The two biggest markets for small business in the world are China and the U.S. and making a connection between them is good for both the U.S. Soldes Asics 2017 and China, said Michael Evans the President of Alibaba. While people in the U.S. are aware that most consumer goods they use come from China, the Chinese do not import some of the U.S. Kanken 16L consumer goods that are available. Alibaba believes there is an opportunity to increase that awareness in China greatly. Currently, the site has more than 7,000 businesses from the U.S. that are mostly large and big name brands. bestellen schoenen nike air max 2016 goedkoop During the next five years, the company hopes it increases that to over 1 million companies, with most made up of U.S. small businesses. Nike Air Max Goedkoop When Ma had his meeting with Trump, he said his plan would create over 1 million jobs in the U.S. As his first step in that direction, Ma is hoping to invite up to 2,000 owners of small business, farmers and entrepreneurs to Detroit with a focus on products he and the company believes that consumers in China will want. The aim the company has is three-fold. Alibaba first needs to educate the attendees about what China represents in business opportunities. Then it plans to tell them all the different things needed to sell to Chinese consumers from finding buy windows 10 key a Chinese partner company to logistics of selling, to working with the exchange rate of currencies. nike goedkoop online Finally it must be the matchmaker, through introducing Americans to the small businesses in China that have digital storefronts on the Tmall site of Alibaba. Alibaba is able to accomplish that due to its tremendous insight into needs and desires of its customers that are over 443 million in China.

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