Microsoft Ending Production of Surface 3 Late in 2016

If someone is planning to purchase a Surface 3 tablet by Microsoft the perfect time is now. Microsoft confirmed recently that it is ending the production of the Surface 3 before the end of this year.

After over a year since first hitting the shelves of stores, the Surface 3, the affordable tablet with Microsoft Windows will be pulled from stores. The company confirmed that it is planning to end all production of the tablet in December. Microsoft added that inventory for the tablet was quite limited.

Since Surface 3 was launched more than one year ago, there has been strong demand as well as satisfaction for those that purchased it, said a prepared statement by Microsoft.

Inventory is limited and by December of 2016 the company is no longer manufacturing the devices, confirmed the statement released by the software giant.

The confirmation comes following reports that said stock of the tablet and Band 2 devices were in short supply in stores across the U.S.

While it already has officially said the production of Surface 3 would end in December, there has been no official word from Microsoft whether additional devices of Surface will be manufactured within the next year or after.

There have been sources that have said Microsoft postponed rolling out its Redstone 2 until the early part of 2017, as officials at the company are reported to have wanted an unveiling of Surface hardware alongside the upcoming Window 10 major release.

It is still not clear if Microsoft is planning to push out any new devices that are Microsoft branded during the spring of 2017 or if its planning to release next-generation Surface Pro tablets or Surface Book laptops.

In addition, one source in Microsoft has claimed that officials in the company are debating with the introduction of an heir to the Surface 3.

For those unaware, the Surface 3 is the offering by Microsoft to customers searching for a tablet by Windows that is 2 in 1 and budget friendly.

Band 2, which was unveiled in October of 2015, had no plans mentioned about it or if the production would continue of Microsoft’s wearable device.

The statement Microsoft released spoke about checking out Microsoft stores to see supplies, as there is a limited supply.

One critic said that Microsoft announced that Surface 3 sales were strong, but is winding down its sales over six months before the end of its production, which is strange.

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