Sexual Harassment Allegations Hit McDonald’s Franchisees

Labor organizers announced they named McDonald’s and McDonald’s franchisees in sexual harassment allegations. Chaussures Nike This marks the latest effort by labor in its attempt to win better pay and establish a union for workers in the fast-food industry. nike tn requin The claims have been filed on behalf of 15 employees with the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunities Commission. The workers are part of the campaign Fight for $15, said organizers on Wednesday. The complaints allege that one manager had rubbed up against as well as grabbed female employees. Goedkoop Nike Air Max 2016 Amongst the series of complaints, one alleges that a worker was harassed on a daily basis by her direct supervisor and she had called McDonald’s corporate headquarters to file a complaint that went unanswered. The claims name franchisees as well as McDonald’s Corp, reflecting the big push by labor groups to build a case that the business should be responsible for the working conditions at its franchised restaurants. A representative with the EEOC announced that the agency was prohibited from making any confirmation or denying any existence of filings for discrimination, investigations or administrative resolutions. Any information related to cases will only be made public if a lawsuit is filed by the agency, which normally is the last resort, said an agency spokesperson. In a prepared statement, the burger chain said it was reviewing the allegations that were made and the company as well as its franchisees was committed to respectfully treating everyone. The statement continued by saying there was no place for discrimination and harassment of any type in any McDonald’s restaurants or for that matter in any type of workplace. Goedkoop Nike Schoenen 2017 Following the filing, a number of workers in the fast food industry and those supporting them set up a protest for Thursday at different McDonald’s locations. Franchised McDonald’s locations represent the vast majority of the over 14,000 restaurants located in the U.S. The campaign Fight for $15 is backed by the union Service Employees International and is looked at as a way to create a path for unionization through identifying one employer across the complete burger chain. Air Max Pas Cher McDonald’s corporate has maintained steadfastly that it does not have responsibility for the hiring nor the wages at its franchise locations.

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